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This is a summary of frequently asked questions.

Question 1:
    How often should I have my tank pumped?

Answer 1:
    Only when it fills up completely on you. Then you may need to for convenient living purposes. Pumping out only empties the tank temporarily. It does not solve the problem, which is usually that the drain fields are clogged.

Question 2:
    My neighbor pumps out every year. Should I do the same?

Answer 2:
    Only if you enjoy throwing money away. However, you must remember this. Like human beings, no two septic situations are the same. Maybe your neighbor has 10 people using a 50 year old system, runs all the laundry into the system has uses the garbage disposal several times a day. His situation is entirely different than yours. As an example, we have many, many of our customers who have gone 25 or 30 years without pumping out. We also have customers who have to pump out once a year, but they are delighted because, prior to using Septi-Zone, they had to pump out each month.

Question 3:
    So how do I protect my drain lines? (sometimes called drainfields, leech lines, leach lines, seepage lines--they are all the same).

Answer 3.
    That is why you use Septi-Zone once a month to maintain. (once a week to solve a problem). 

Question 4:
     I have an real nasty odor problem. What do I do now?

Answer 4:
    Use one pound of Septi-Zone a week, until the order goes away. It is impossible to say how long it will take, but on the average 3 to 4 weeks. Extreme cases can be longer. The problem usually is you need more bacterial action.

Question 5:
    I am experiencing slow flushing. What is the problem and what can I do to get it back to normal?

Answer 5:
    What has happened is your tank is starting to fill up. Your drain lines are acting slowly. Use the same formula: One pound of Septi-Zone each week until the problem clears up. When the problem clears, just go back to your once a month schedule.

Question 6:
My septic system is about 40 years old. Is that a problem in itself?

Answer 6:
    Let's put it in terms we can relate to... It is about the same as a human being 80 years old. Is that a problem in itself? It is to the extent you must consider the age and do whatever you can to help the system, like a human should exercise and eat good foods. Be careful what goes into the system and stay on your Septi-Zone schedule.

Question 7:
    I just pumped put before I found your web site. Is this a good time to start using Septi-Zone?

Answer 7:
    Actually it is a very good time to start. It gives it time to get good bacteria action going throughout the system. Get started right away.

Question 8:
    My tank is only 500 gallon. Do I still use the same formula as for a 1000 gallon tank?

Answer 8:
    Yes, using the same formula can help make up for the too small capacity by having extra bacteria action. Most regulations require at least a one thousand gallon tank. If you have a 2000 gallon tank, you should consider making a little allowance for the extra capacity. It will pay dividends in many ways.

Question 9:
    I have an older system and am having a problem. I might have roots too. What do you recommend.

Answer 9:
    My answer has two sides. One is that I recommend you go ahead and follow the formula using Septi-Zone, which does not work on roots, because many times it is sludge in the lines built up. If you clear the lines, and the roots aren't too bad, you can still get relatively normal service. Economically you have nothing to lose as you need to treat with Septi-Zone anyway. If that doesn't solve the problem, phone me Toll Free and we will go over your situation.

Question 10:
    My brother lives in a small town 20 miles away. The regulations there are totally different. Why is that?

Answer 10:
    It seems every town and county has its own rules. Basically these rules are created by locals who might have an axe to grind. Example: The Mayor of a small town up north passed an ordinance that everyone had to pump out every year. I am sure it was just a coincidence his son-in-law had the only pump-out business in town.
I also know of a town which has a law that gray water must be reused. I also know of towns that forbid it. Wherever you live are the rules you must try and live by.

Question 11:
    How does your Toll Free consultation help your customers?

Answer 11:
    As I have stated earlier, no two systems are exactly alike. Many times there are situations come up that there is no simple explanation. An example: Many years ago a customer kept having problems even though he followed directions carefully. Finally through question him, I learned he was a "Semi-Pro Photographer" and was dumping all the development acids in the septic. Once he stopped dumping acid in the system, he was OK.

    My favorite phone call was this one. A very nice lady called and said, "Mr Wright I have been told I am going to have to replace my septic system at a cost of $10,000.00. I reviewed her situation which actually wasn't all that bad. I put her on the weekly treatment. About 4 weeks later, she called and said, "Mr Wright you saved me $10,000.00." Her system was working just find and still is to this day.

Question 12:
    My town is going on a sewer system. Should I sign up for it?

Answer 12:
    That is a many sided question. Lets go through it. All things considered equal, it would be better to be on a sewer. Perhaps making the property worth more too.
It almost entirely depends on the "Hook-Up Fee". It is always expensive usually starting around $10,000.00. To my astonishment I heard of a town in northern California that wanted $40,000.00. I have never heard of such an outrageous fee. Someone is making a ton of money on that one. What you have to do is evaluate all the circumstances. How long will you live there? How much are they charging?
Compute the difference. It is your decision at this point, unless they force you to do it. It is best to use a piece of paper listing the pros and cons. All I know is $40,000.00 will buy a Hell of a lot of Septi-Zone. (about 570 years worth).

Question 13:
    How much should I pay to have my tank pumped out?

Answer 13:
    The price varies from place to place. Anywhere from $200.00 to $500.00 isn't uncommon. One of the things that determine cost is where and how much the pump-out person has to pay to dump his load. Yes, he has to dump it somewhere. There isn't a magic train to Mars as yet. Sometimes these facilities malfunction and you see in the back page of your paper where the ocean is full of waste. Whatever facility it is, it is still just a great big septic system.

    It is best do get estimates and references and go from there.

Question 14:
    Do you have distributors and/or dealers.

Answer: 14
    Indeed we do. One reason we don't have a lot more, is that we have never solicited for dealers. Our dealers without exception have "looked us up". We are happy to work with distributors and in fact probably should do more of it. Here are some of our distributors and you will notice how long they have been with us.

    Our most senior dealer is L & M Fertilizer at 1043 E Mission Rd Fallbrook, CA 92028. We started dealing with Leo McGuire Sr in 1975. Here 33 years later we are now happy to be dealing with Leo McGuire Jr. They also have another store.
L & M Fertilizer 28690 Las Haciendas Blvd. Temecula, CA 92590. They order like clockwork and it is a pleasure to have a dealer with this long relationship.

    In the great state of Texas we have a super relationship with Hardware Plus
506 FM 1148 Bldg 1, Graham TX 76450. It is owned and operated by Foster and Pat Simmons. It is always fun to talk to them. What really impresses me is they are way out in the country and still do a strong business. 26 years with these fine people.

    We also have a dealer who works full time at another job, but still moves a lot of Septi-Zone. He is David Garcia 21950 North Dr Nuevo, CA 92567. His phone is 951-3277. He has been with us since 1986. David is steady and reliable.

    One of our most active and successful dealers is Humbert Septic Service 1560-A
S. Main St. Milton Freewater OR 97862-1229. Lloyd's phone is 541-938-3689. He is totally knowledgeable about septics and is completely reliable. With us since 1990.

    Another dealer from the great state of Texas is A & R Plumbing 107 Cactus Dr
Levelland TX 79336. Mr A.T Wilde is the owner-operator. Phone is 806-894-2518.
He also do pumping and plumbing. Has been with us since 1991.

    Another hardware store nearer to us is Agua Dulce Hardware 33314 Agua Dulce Cyn Rd Agua Dulce, CA 91390. The owner is Patricia Brewer. We have worked together since 1993. When you stop in you will see Septi-Zone the shelves.

    One of our newest dealers is Mike Arrietta of Pojoaque Septic 12 Sombre De Jose
Santa Fe, NM 87501. His phone is 505-455-3897. He also does pumping. He has done a GREAT job in the 2 years he has been with us.

    As you can see we have a long standing relationship with our dealers. I think that speaks for itself. People who do a great job. We know whey are honest and reliable. It is a pleasure to work together with them. While we don't go looking for dealers, if you are interested you can phone me and I will explain our program to you.


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