When Your Home Has a Septic Tank

Here's The Way to keep it TROUBLE-FREE
Skip Costly Repair Bills


Dr Septic pictured above.
First experience with a
septic system when he
was 15 years old, He
and a class mate dug
a 150 foot long drain
line, 6 foot deep and
3 foot wide using only
a spade. Took about
two weeks and a ton
of Iowa sweat in the
hot summer.

The pay was .35 Cents
per hour, the hours
were 7AM to 7PM.

Now you know why
Dr Septic likes to  help
folks with a septic tank.

     You know what I mean by "trouble-free". Septic tanks have a way of giving folks
problems--and just when company is coming or you can use the money for something else.

          The sensible thing to do is to avoid costly pump-out  jobs
           to begin with.  Now it's easy by flushing low-cost SEPTI-ZONE
down your stool once a month.

Costs Only Pennies -- Saves BIG MONEY

     What's SEPTI-ZONE? It's a granular/powdery substance that really does the trick in
cleaning out drain field lines and septic tank walls. All you do is pour some down your
stool once a month. 
Septic tanks are sort of "out-of-sight----out of mind", so it's a
good idea to make a mark on the calendar to remind yourself.

Keeps Your Septic Tank in A-1 Shape

     The old saying "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is sure true
when it comes to SEPTI-ZONE. You can stop worrying about your septic tank
OVERFLOWING. SEPTI-ZONE works constantly converting wastes into liquid and breaking up the "crust" that forms.  Eliminates odors too!

      What if you have a new tank (or yours has just been pumped out). Great! That is
the best time of all to start.  For the average family tank (about 1000 gallons) just pour
one pound down the stool to start. That's all there is to it. Can you imagine anything simpler and easier?

100% Money Back Guarantee

     Order a supply today. If you're not 100% satisfied, for any reason, just send back
any unused portion. I'll see you get your money back by return mail. You don't risk a
penny. (The fact we have been in business for 36 years speaks for itself---you can't 
stay in business that long unless you have been pleasing your customers.)
You have everything to gain and nothing to lose, so there is no way you can go wrong.

     Replacing your system can cost up to $10,000.00, not to mention those expensive "temporary pump-outs" at $200 to $500 along the way. Septi-Zone is not an expense,
it is a superb investment that will pay giant dividends year after year!

Hear from an Old Time Customer -- You Can Feel Safe

May 27, 2008

House of Wright

Dear Dean,

     I have been using Septi-Zone for 29 years now with excellent results. I started when
I bought country property in Caruthers, CA by a recommendation of a friend.

     The home was six  years old when I bought it and I know the previous owners did
nothing to protect the septic system. I started using Septi-Zone in the system and for the
next twenty six years I never had any trouble nor did I have to pump out the system. That
home had a garbage disposal that was used all the time. So when I moved up here three
years ago I started the system using the two pounds to start the system and a pound a
month to maintain it. WA does not allow garbage disposals with a septic system, so I am
expecting no problems up here.

     Thanks for a great product and excellent service as well. Feel free to use my name in
recommending Septi-Zone to any septic tank owner.

Sincerely Yours,
Roy E Widmer
40211 Mt Hwy E.
Eastonville WA 98328-9743

I Think That Says It All -- Better Than I Could

     You know what any ugly problem you have -- if your septic tank has ever backed
up on you. To prevent that from happening......why not order today!!!!

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