Customer Corner Comments

The Iowa Farm Boy says,

"You cannot build a business unless you satisfy your customers".

That is so basic and has been our goal for 36 years.


Here is a note from the editor of the California Grange News. We have advertised with them for over 30 years. We are very proud of this statement. Read it and you will see why.

    To: Dean Wright
          House of Wright

Thought you would like to know of the endorsement you received at the recent Leadership Conference of the State Grange. When the Grange News and its benefits to members was discussed, Septi-Zone and House of Wright BOTH received high praise as examples of the type of advertisers we want in the paper. Your staff was praised for the way they handle phone calls and the reliability of products purchased. Thanks...You made
my part of the conference a lot easier.    signed Jay Hartz, Editor


Here's Ten Great Reasons to Start Using SEPTI-ZONE

Letter No. 1

Shafer Trenching

Dear Sir,


            I am a general contractor and have been in this area almost 6 years. I install a large percentage of the septic systems in this area. We have used SEPTI-ZONE for several years and recommend it to all my customers.


            I would appreciate it if you would send me some sample kits, if available, if not some brochures to pass on to my customers. This would save me time on explaining SEPTI-Z0NE and would, of course, benefit you.



Loren Shafer 

(Loren became a distributor for us for many years until he retired. He has passed on. As we became friends, it turned out his wife was from a small town just a few miles from my little hometown in Iowa.) 

Letter No. 2 

Been very pleased. Had lots of problems in the past. Even had a second cesspool installed 3 years ago. Your fast service is to be complimented. 

Mrs. Doris W. White

Letter No. 3

Mobile Homes Development Co., Inc.
The House of Wright
P.O. Box 550
Downey, CA 90241 

Dear Wrights: 

I would be much obliged if you would send TWO boxes of SEPTI-ZONE  to ROYAL DUKE MOBILE ESTATES, 1101 E. VENTURA BLVD, OXNARD, CA 93030. 

We found your Septic Tank cleaning chemical very efficacious in cleaning the sewer lines, septic tanks also assisting in the odor-prevention, as well as in leaching. 

Very truly yours,

Eugene Spitz

Letter No. 4
Jenny Rose Restaurant 

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Wright 

            I really apologize for not writing sooner on the SEPTI-ZONE progress. When we started we had our grease traps pumped once a month. Now we are up to almost 8 months. We have had great results since we started using SEPTI-ZONE many years ago at home. Seven years ago,  our septic company said we would need a new system! To this day we still have the same system, with no problems. At our residence, 1 bag a month. At the restaurant, 2 bags twice a month. We have been out of your product for over a month now, shame! Shame! 

Again many thanks,

Ron Wood, CFO

 Letter No. 5 

As you know I have been with you for 12 years. Ever since I was in this house. I have used SEPTI-ZONE faithfully. I want you to know SEPTI-ZONE has worked wonders for me. After 10 Ĺ years because so many around had been having problems, and all the stories you hear, I called the pump-out man. He opened the lid and said, ďYou really donít need me, this is as clear as a bellĒ. Since he was already there, I had him pump it out, but basically I just wasted $225.00. Next time Iíll know better. You can bet Iíll keep on using SEPTI-ZONE. I couldnít be happier. Many thanks for a great product and send me another order. 

James M Whelan 

Letter No. 6 

In the 20 years I have been using SEPTI-ZONE, I havenít had the slightest trouble with our septic system. I am more than satisfied. In fact,  you are the only one I trust giving you my credit card. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

E. Eichmann 

Letter No. 7
Dear Mr. Wright,  

Thought you would like to know my story. I built my septic tank 24 years ago. I have been using SEPTI-ZONE faithfully. I have never once had a problem. I havenít had to pump out even once. 

All my neighbors have had back-up problems and have had to pump out many times. I canít understand why anyone with a septic system would not use SEPTI-ZONE. It is a great product and I personally recommend it to everyone.

W. L. Wilkerson
Rt 6, Box 140
Livingston, TX, 77351

Letter No. 8 

Dear Dean,  

We first discovered SEPTI-ZONE in 1971 in our local hardware store in Fallbrook and decided to try it. We contacted you folks and began to order direct from Downey, as the price was better. We have used SEPTI-ZONE faithfully all these years with great satisfaction and have never had any septic problems or had our tank pumped out. 

We can highly recommend it to any current or potential customers of yours! 


Lois & Bernie Delnay

Letter No. 9 

I have been using SEPTI-ZONE for the last 12 tears. Since I started using SEPTI-ZONE I havenít had to pump nor had the slightest problem. I would recommend SEPTI-ZONE to anyone. 

Homer Martin


Letter No. 10 

I think SEPTI-ZONE is even BETTER than you advertise. I had extreme problems with my system. In fact I had an estimate for $2800.00 to do some work on my system. I saw your ad and I figured I had nothing to lose by trying SEPTI-ZONE. To my great joy, SEPTI-ZONE cleared up the problems in even less time than your ad says. My system, which had been bubbling up, is now as clear as a bell and I havenít had the slightest problem. I tell my friends and am more than glad to share my experience with other septic tank users. 

George Frazier

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